Tips & Tricks to solve Reasoning Questions in SBI Clerk 2018


Tips & Tricks to solve Reasoning Questions in SBI Clerk 2018

Tips & Tricks to solve Reasoning Questions in SBI Clerk. The Preliminary Exam of SBI Clerk 2018 will be conducted in the month of March-April. Given the numbered days left for this exam, here are some important tips to help you score 30+ marks in the Reasoning Ability Section of SBI Clerk Prelims 2018. Check out these topic-wise important expert tips and improve your SBI Clerk Exam score for the Reasoning section now!

Tips to improve Reasoning Ability score of SBI Clerk Prelims 2018

First, it is essential that you have a clear understanding of the structure of this section. This section would comprise of 35 questions, each carrying 1 mark. Let us have a quick look at the topics and the number of questions asked in the Reasoning Ability section last year in the preliminary exam of SBI Exam.

Name of the Topic Number & Type of Questions asked
  • 5 Questions
  • Direct Inequality based questions
Puzzles and Seating Arrangement
  • 15 Questions
  • 1 Circular arrangement
  • 2 Linear arrangement
Alphanumeric Series
  • 5 Questions
Alphabet Coding
  • 5 Questions
Miscellaneous Questions
  • 5 Questions
  • Topics asked included Blood Relations and Distance & Direction.

You can expect a similar exam pattern of SBI Clerk this year as well. However, since SBI has been varying the exam pattern (especially the topics asked) in each slot, be prepared for some other topics like Syllogism, Sentence based Coding and Input-Output as well.

Must Remember Tips while attempting the Reasoning Section

1. Hierarchy to attempt questions of this section:

Yes, the questions in the section are usually scattered, but if possible, try to start with the less time-consuming topics of this section. These are:
(1) Inequality
(2) Syllogism
(3) Blood Relations
(4) Distance and Direction
(5) Alphanumeric Series
Questions from the above-mentioned topics are usually direct and they will easily fetch you 12-15 marks, depending on the topics asked in your slot.

2. Time to be spent on this section:

Set a time frame of 20 minutes for this section and try to complete it within this time limit. While attempting the online mock tests, make sure that you complete this section in the 20 minutes time frame itself.

3. Good Attempts for this section:

Given the level of exam and competition this year, you should try to target minimum 12-15 questions with 100% accuracy. This number, will, however, help you get through just the sectional cutoff of the exam. In order to clear the overall cutoff of the exam, you should aim to solve minimum 25-30 questions accurately!

Topic-wise tips for Reasoning Ability Section

1. Inequality

  • Questions from this topic are expected to be direct in nature.
  • This topic is probably the easiest of all other topics of the Reasoning section, and so, have a very thorough practice of inequality questions, since they will easily score 5 marks for you.
  • Do not spend more than 2-3 minutes on this topic in the exam.

2. Syllogism

  • Questions from Syllogism will again be direct in nature rather than reverse syllogism based.
  • Properly practice ‘possibility’ as well as ‘either-or’ case-based questions of this topic.
  • Try to use the Venn diagram approach to solve syllogism questions in less time.

3. Puzzles and Seating Arrangement

  • Puzzles and Arrangement based questions will play a key role in this year’s SBI Clerk exam because the other topics may vary in different slots but Puzzles and Seating Arrangement based questions will easily carry 15 marks in each shift (almost 3-4 sets).
    Hence, do not skip this topic at any cost.
    Practice possibility based puzzle as well as arrangement questions, with at least 1-2 parameters.
  • Try to make use of a timer while solving these questions to keep a track of the time you are spending on them. This practice on a regular basis will also help you minimise the time that you spend on puzzles and arrangement based questions.

4. Alphanumeric Series and Alphabet Test

  • Questions from this topic may be just numerical based or a combination of alphabets and number based series.
  • A good observation skill and proper practice will easily help you attempt all the 5-7 questions of these topics asked in the exam.

5. Input-Output

  • Make sure that you practice questions from Input-Output as well since this is not merely a Mains specific topic anymore.
  • Focus on both, single as well as double-shifting based questions!

6. Blood Relations

  • Questions of blood relation will be direct and not in coded form.
  • Try to plot diagrams/ family tree while solving these questions and make sure that you demarcate the males & females properly beforehand, in order to avoid any confusion in the end.
  • You could take help of different figures for this, for instance, a square box could mark a male and a circle could mark a female.

7. Direction Sense based Questions

  • Plotting proper figure based on the given question is again important for this topic, in order to have a correct direction sense.

Remember, the more thoroughly you practice different topics, the easier it would be to attempt them in the actual exam. So, try to devote at least 2 hours on a regular basis to the practice of Reasoning section specifically and attempt as many mock tests as you can!

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