Avoid Common Mistakes – Preparing for SBI PO Exam 2018


Avoid Common Mistakes – Preparing for SBI PO Exam 2018

Hello friends, welcome to studywale.co .Today we are going to tell you about Avoid Common Mistakes – Preparing for SBI PO Exam 2018. Let’s get a quick overview of Common Mistakes During Preparation of SBI PO Exam. We hope you will like this post and for more such Knowledgable things stay tuned to studywale.co. If you want to ask something, in particular, you can tell us in the comments section below. So let’s begin the topic Avoid Common Mistakes – Preparing for SBI PO Exam 2018.

Avoid Common Mistakes – Preparing for SBI PO Exam 2018

India’s largest commercial bank, SBI conducts an examination to recruit Probationary officers (PO) every year. This year, the examination is scheduled to be conducted in the month of April. SBI PO recruitment exam requires months of preparation. You cannot prepare for the SBI PO examination in a week or two.  One of the most important factors associated with SBI PO exam is that the examination has been changing every year. In other words, you will find some questions based on new pattern every year.

Sometimes you are so busy with your preparation and not focusing on your simple mistakes you are committing while preparing.  Here, we have listed some common mistakes that you should avoid during your preparation.

Avoid Common Mistakes – Preparing for SBI PO Exam 2018

1. Not following the time table

If you are banking aspirants, you must have a good time-management skill as the banking examination tests the same with your knowledge part.  Time- table will help you in a better time- management for the exam. And when you are preparing for an examination like SBI PO, the time-table becomes one of the most important factors. So make your time-table right now and follow it honestly.

Always remember “Don’t ever promise more than you can deliver, but always deliver more than you promise.” So prepare your time-table in such a manner that you can practically follow it. Strictly following the time-table will help you to revise the complete syllabus on time.

2.   Avoiding your own Preparation Strategy

Everyone is different, and everyone has different learning styles too.You may learn the reasoning ability easily but it may take a lot of time to prepare for the English language. Every aspirant is unique in this regard. So devise your own preparation strategies, it will definitely benefit you in the exam and give you a boost of confidence to crack the exam.

3. Unclear Concept

To crack examination like SBI PO, you must understand the concept rather than just reading it. The clear concept will make acquaint you with the right approach to solve the questions. Do not ignore basics at any time, as you can not crack the SBI-PO exam, just remembering the formula or applying a shortcut.

4. Lack of regular revision

Revision is absolutely necessary to crack the exam with flying colours. Your exam preparation is incomplete if you do not revise effectively. Revision is the key to get a good score in SBI PO exam. You can maintain a topic wise revision sheet.

5. Focus on numbers of hours only

Aspirants should look at their preparation in terms of quality rather than quantity. You should not concentrate on the number of hours spent on your studies, but you should think about how much knowledge you earned in one day or one week.

6. Not doing an analysis of Mock Test

Taking Mock test on a daily basis is a must to crack SBI PO exam. Take a mock test on a regular basis and analyze your strengths and weakness. Once you are done with the syllabus, the first thing you should focus on is taking as many mock tests as possible.

Mock tests give you an idea regarding your relative standing in the cut throat competition of SBI PO examinations. Take a standard mock test series and practice as many times as possible. Analyze your performance in Mock Test on a daily basis, figure out the reason of your mistakes and take corrective action immediately.

7. Neglecting any section

In SBI PO exam, you have to clear the cut-off marks for every section i.e. Quantitative Aptitude, Reasoning Ability, General Awareness, English Language. You may be strong in some sections and may be weak in some other sections. The first thing you should do is identify your strengths and weaknesses. Your preparation strategy should devise proportionate time and preparation for every section.

8. Lack of Motivation

You should stay motivated during preparation phase to achieve the goal.  Remember this, Push yourself because no one else is going to do it for you.

This is very important since you should not lose focus on the ultimate goal that you are fighting for. This way you will get the motivation to push yourself a bit more in your preparation. That extra one hour will not be too much of stress for you. Don’t forget to remind yourself of your goal constantly.

Finally, be positive for your success and keep in mind that you have three months to go for SBI PO Prelims exam 2018.  Don’t give up, learn from your mistakes and prepare hard.

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal; it is the courage to continue that counts.”

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